The SLLET Radio Show

Season 1: #2

15:00 Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Hosted by Josh Brunning and Dan Jellicoe

With Fred Jackson

Also Accidentally Featuring: Jess Moore, Jack Holcombe and Anna Alexander

🔀 from Phantom Media

We’re Back! This week Dan and Josh were joined by Producer Fred again. They discussed Josh’s to Alton Towers, an EDM trip to Sheffield and Dan’s trip to Chichester. Also: an image of some legs, Christmas, and Eurovision.

We didn’t entirely avoid technical problems this week, after the 4 o’clock news and weather our music playout system - PlayoutOne - crashed on us, so you’ll also hear the opening minutes of Jess, Jack and Anna’s first show back this year before we recover with the remote help of Jack himself.

The Legs

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